That’s Institutionalized – Travels


That’s Institutionalized is a blog series about inmates. The series showcases the anonymous writings of inmates in Virginia. The writings include narrative accounts of past lives, convictions, dreams, and future plans.


Below is an anonymous assignment that was written by an inmate.

I was packing things on a sunny day while getting ready for my visit to Nevada.

I was supposed to catch the bus earlier in the morning, but I slept in a little too late. As I was getting ready, the household was very rowdy.  Everyone was running around the house like a chicken with its head cut off. We had to make it to the bus station within 30 minutes which meant we had to be out of the door in two minutes just to be sure we get there on time. It was already nice and there would be a lot of traffic. So, we would be cutting it short.

Even as we were driving on the way to the bus station, I already felt late. We were honking at everyone because traffic was so slow. Moving inch by inch and it felt like no progress. We eventually reached the bus station and it was even more crowded than the traffic on the way there. People were running around trying to get to their buses. We finally make it to the ticket counter just on time to grab our tickets and run to the bus. The bus ride was more pleasant than I thought it would have been. Most of the people around me slept. There were people around on computers…looked like business work.
I wish I had a job that made me as focused as they were. They really looked like they were into their work. They were busybodies, and busy was a good thing. I’ll have a job like that one day…I’ll be a focused busybody.

We arrive in Nevada and it is dry. It’s a lot drier and hotter there compared to Virginia where it’s always humid and hot. It felt like I could barely breathe without drinking some water. As we get off the bus I see my mom and sister jumping up and down trying to get my attention. It’s been a couple of years since we saw each other. It seems they were really excited to see me. The heat didn’t bother me anymore. I think to myself maybe this won’t be so bad of a vacation after all.


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