That’s Institutionalized – An Elegant Place


That’s Institutionalized is a blog series about inmates. The series showcases the anonymous writings of inmates in Virginia. The writings include narrative accounts on past lives, convictions, dreams, and future plans.

An Elegant Place

Below is an anonymous assignment written by an inmate.


Describe the most beautiful scene:
The most beautiful scene in nature is going to the beach on a hot summer’s day and seeing my daughters play in the water and sand. I can see myself running in the sand behind my kids, playing and watching them have fun. I like to see the smile on the mother of my kids face. We are all having a good time on the beach. My 2 year-old daughter loves it at the beach and loves to feed the birds. I like to see the smile on my family’s faces when we are all having the time of our lives. That is the most important thing in my life, to give my family the best time they can ask for.

Describe a place you would like to visit:
I always wanted to visit Paris. It looks so beautiful out there. I heard that they have amazing food and pretty sights to see. The women out there are lovely. I also like the French language. I want to learn how to speak French, I know how to speak it a little bit. It would be nice to visit such an elegant place.



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