Tales of Virginia – Elbow Road

Early in the morning of May 7th, 2013, a man was brutally killed in a car crash. The man driving was hurled from the vehicle and died instantly. It wouldn’t seem unusual that a car accident would take place on a bending road. However, the particular history of the road introduces an unusual element. The site of this crash was Elbow Road in Chesapeake, Virginia. Elbow Road is a two-lane wooded side road that connects Chesapeake to the Virginia Beach city line, with a 45 MPH speed limit. The thoroughfare is very curvy and does not have shoulders on either side. Since 2012, there has been 45 deadly car crashes on this stretch. Residents of the area claim that Elbow Road is haunted. 

“There have been several mornings since we’ve lived here that we’ve gotten up, and there’s been an accident in the same place, always in the same place for the last three years or so. You’ll hear the crash and we’ll come out and there are people that have been projected from the vehicle,” said a resident to local reporters in 2013.

Local folklore tells an interesting tale of horror. The legend begins with an elderly woman by the name of Mrs. Woble (Woble spelled backward is Elbow). Several pages of the book Weird Virginia detail the legend of Mrs. Woble. The author writes that the elderly woman supposedly lived in a house along one of the bends of the road. One night, she disappeared from her home, where police found broken glass at the back door, a plate of cold dinner on her table and a bloody upstairs that looked like the back room of a butcher shop. Her body was never discovered, and the house eventually was torn down. Legend has it that drivers sometimes catch a glimpse of her restless spirit along the sharp curves of Elbow Road, bloodied and worn down. Once Mrs. Woble has been sighted, it is believed that drivers are unable to prevent from crashing and killed as a result.

It is within reason to believe that a road is a potential hazard and should be avoided. However, is it within the realm of possibility that the ghost of Mrs. Woble causes the unlikely, tragic deaths of numerous victims?

Some things are never what they seem.


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